Without the past we would be without!

Without the civilizations of old, we would not be at our glorious present state. Look not at the past as lesser, but contributors. Their experiences, knowledge, and wisdom is what we have built upon to accomplish the great feats up until our present age. Those after us will do the same, and so on.



Formism was started by a former Christian. After years of studying Christianity and other religions, also including science. He realized for us, humanity, to completely understand “life” we must include every aspect of it that we know, and logically assume the rest. For example, if you know something can go up, then you can logically assume that it can also go down.

I have combined what I have found to be truth in other religions, including science, and formed a new religion. Formism is a organism that evolves and does not stay stagnant. New findings and knowledge, will be welcomed only with proof and understanding according to western standards. To become a Formist one must, first, understand that there is a Entity, Former, that has existed before humanity, and has been forming things from itself before earth was even formed. Second, one must understand that one does not control life and isn’t in-control of ones choices, however, thy will be accounted for for thy actions. Cause and effect. Third, one must understand that you are a part of one whole community that works together, there is no good or evil, just fact or fiction, which can cause one to be pleased or displeased. Only through my confirmation can one become a Formist. There is no heaven or hell in Formism, when you die your flesh is still part of the physical world, funeral! And you will see, if theres more when you die, however I will hint, that there are dimension unknown to masses. This life style offers a more stress free life and the freedom to be yourself, without endangering oneself or others. To realize that your not to blame for all the pain in your life and in the world. That this pain is just apart of life and we do get pleasure as well. We didn’t create ourselves, so we are not to blame for our actions in the grand scheme of things. There is no HELL for us. This is our existence and we need to learn as much as we can of our existence. We are just another creation among many in our vast existence. This understanding/religion is called Formism.

Hello world!

Hello, I’m here to share with you some information about the universe. How you respond is not up to you, because you did not create or control life, nor do you control how your body responds to information. Everyone has their own set path, and choice is actually an illusion. Someone just told you and you believed, just like when you did with Old Saint Nick, yeah I know it sucks! Tune in! I got some great stuff about the universe, that will make you think a little. Peace!