Can’t Avoid War

One of the common traits that all societies, past and present, experience is war. From family to complete strangers, conflict is unavoidable in every sense of the word. Even down to the individual, we war with ourselves over simple decisions like what to eat for dinner. Once we understand that war/conflict cant be abolished, because its as much a necessity for our human species survival as breeding, then we can move in the directions of how we wage war. People no longer have to die through war, but we can evolve into a society of pure debate. Where we argue about our differences, and if we can’t come to mutual agreements, people just live their lives based on knowing all still have the right to a life, which doesn’t cause others physical harm and/or danger.


The Real God

As a child I was told that God is my father that loves me unconditionally. In my early twenties, I asked the question, how is God father alone without a wife or mother figure? So, I learned that this God figure, was a made up figure, not real! However, I came to three truths, humans didn’t create the universe, humans didn’t create themselves, nor do humans control life. However, there is a creating force, “higher power”, that has been at work before our human existence. This force is comprised of space, energy/matter, and time. There are other components, but those three are the main functions of the force. This force is what ancient civilizations started to think critically about and called God. I will stop here, even though I have more to share. I look forward to your comments.

Pray again?

We have been raised in a era, where we were told if we got on our knees, closed our eyes, bring our hands together, that “God” will make our wishes come true. Then we are told that this God is all knowing. So, I ponder why would a all knowing God allow his/her creations to make decisions and change the order of things? It’s like allowing a infant to make a major family decision, like if mom or dad should get divorce. Then I realized that prayer was a tool for the hopeless and/or those who were desperate for change. From my experience and many others I know, prayer doesn’t work and it is not logical. For if people could speak a few words and believe them, that those words will come to past, life will be nothing like it is now. So, I suggest people to stop praying, get up, and do something about what they’re praying for, well if that’s a part of their path in life that is.


We have been told that family is everything, and we have a special bond. However, what we must understand is that for our race to survive we must reproduce. Although, reproduction is necessary for survival, how we maintain our relationship with “family” is not a set behavior. History and our own experiences have shown us that family can be the best ally and/or greatest foe. Because one shares the same DNA as another doesn’t mean that they would make great allies. From parents to cousins, family members inflect pain towards one another. What will make a great ally is a person that one has a intellectual, moral and emotional bond with. Beware of those you trust, because of DNA alone!

The Nature of Humans

We are born with certain characteristics that no human can deny and/or control. Happiness and anger are two main character traits that drive who we are. However the events/action that fuel these two traits are utterly out of our control. For example, weather, people’s actions, etc, can cause us, humanity, to be happy or sad, and we do not control these reactions. So, guess what? Being in-control of your feelings is a illusion!


What is this faith that many religious establishments request of people to have? Are they asking people with no real understanding of said religions to trust them blindly? When they themselves have no proof of what they want people foreign to their ways to have faith in, nor concrete explanation of this wisdom. We live in a age where proof is everything, can one be convicted of any crime without evidence or proof that one committed a crime? So, I conclude this post saying, if someone wants you to have faith in something that they want you to believe blindly without understanding and/or tangible proof, then reject their wisdom/religion respectfully!

Pain and Pleasure

Throughout human life we in-counter experiences that offer us pain and then some pleasure. At times when we are experiencing one we forget about the other all together. For instance, we get fired from a job, and then we count life as bad all together. But we easily forget when we were hired for that job, how good we thought life was. Lets not see life experiences as good or bad, because that is based on perception. However look at life experiences as pleasing or displeasing because that’s based on how we feel instead of how we think. Remember your life will always have pleasing and displeasing moments.