The Nature of Humans

We are born with certain characteristics that no human can deny and/or control. Happiness and anger are two main character traits that drive who we are. However the events/action that fuel these two traits are utterly out of our control. For example, weather, people’s actions, etc, can cause us, humanity, to be happy or sad, and we do not control these reactions. So, guess what? Being in-control of your feelings is a illusion!


2 thoughts on “The Nature of Humans

  1. So is it an illusion of an illusion and therefore not an illusion?

    Either way this marks along side something neuroscientists are saying whereby our emotions and reactions are controlled by what happens to us, which is usually outside of our influence. As a result we don’t control what we do and don’t really have all that much free-will.

    I’ve often wondered that, if we could build a computer powerful enough, we could put all of the current interactions happening within the universe within a small space of time and, from just that, the computer could extrapolate to find out what would be happening throughout the rest of the universes life span. Fate would essentially have been created, and it would be readable.

    Probably impossible to do though.

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