Pray again?

We have been raised in a era, where we were told if we got on our knees, closed our eyes, bring our hands together, that “God” will make our wishes come true. Then we are told that this God is all knowing. So, I ponder why would a all knowing God allow his/her creations to make decisions and change the order of things? It’s like allowing a infant to make a major family decision, like if mom or dad should get divorce. Then I realized that prayer was a tool for the hopeless and/or those who were desperate for change. From my experience and many others I know, prayer doesn’t work and it is not logical. For if people could speak a few words and believe them, that those words will come to past, life will be nothing like it is now. So, I suggest people to stop praying, get up, and do something about what they’re praying for, well if that’s a part of their path in life that is.


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