The Real God Part 2

This creating force, formed us from itself. We are part of the physical and metaphysical, as the saying goes, a whole is a sum of all it’s parts. In life or death we are still apart of this force, this community call the universe. If we look at our actually size compared to the vastness of the universe, we are dust mites. This force has not only formed the human race and it’s environment, it’s laws also govern it. As a race we are learning and labeling things that has existed before our being, these finding are not ours, but are fellow characteristics of this creating/forming force some call God. Our entire existence, accomplishments, down fall, joy, pain, and etc should be attributed to this force. This force needs not our money, thanks, and/or supplications, however recognition is key in our mental and emotional evolution. You did not create mother nature, and you do not control life, meaning you are not responsible for the “choice(s)” you make. Humanity must not continue to focus on itself, but the whole of existence. However, whatever this force will bring to be!


8 thoughts on “The Real God Part 2

      • Of course not. The way the human body functions has been set, and we,humanity, had no input on how our body were designs. We are puppets of the universe. Can a puppet take responsibility of its actions?

      • What you must understand that you exsist under the same system as me. You were born, you didn’t choose to be born, nor did you choose to die which you will do as well. Your beginning and your end wasnt your choices, how would you think the things between was your choice?

      • The same system to be sure, but a different perspective. If you’re a puppet, how is it that you “choose” to live? By the way, why does your version of the world exist at all if there is no choice or are we just watching a movie of our “lives”?

      • I don’t choose to live no more than a blood cell that travels through different bloods vessel during its daily course. We are watching and involved, but there is a director.

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