The Real God


As a child I was told that God is my father that loves me unconditionally. In my early twenties, I asked the question, how is God father alone without a wife or mother figure? So, I learned that this God figure, was a made up figure, not real! However, I came to three truths, humans didn’t create the universe, humans didn’t create themselves, nor do humans control life. However, there is a creating force, “higher power”, that has been at work before our human existence. This force is comprised of space, energy/matter, and time. There are other components, but those three are the main functions of the force. This force is what ancient civilizations started to think critically about and called God. I will stop here, even though I have more to share. I look forward to your comments.

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Can’t Avoid War


One of the common traits that all societies, past and present, experience is war. From family to complete strangers, conflict is unavoidable in every sense of the word. Even down to the individual, we war with ourselves over simple decisions like what to eat for dinner. Once we understand that war/conflict cant be abolished, because its as much a necessity for our human species survival as breeding, then we can move in the directions of how we wage war. People no longer have to die through war, but we can evolve into a society of pure debate. Where we argue about our differences, and if we can’t come to mutual agreements, people just live their lives based on knowing all still have the right to a life, which doesn’t cause others physical harm and/or danger.

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The Real God Pt. 3

The earth was formed. Then many other living entities and non-living entities were formed, as we understand life 🙂 Humans were one of those entities, which had no choice in their formation/creation. Now, you understand how it’s foolish for humans to call themselves masters of the universe. We are part of an intricate network of matter within a seemingly boundless Space. One thing we do know, humanity didn’t create the universe, but for some odd reason we adopted the notion that we have choice in the path of our lives. While the path, which is the earth, that humans will literally walk has existed, before we were formed. Nature is a testament to a Forming Force that has formed it all. Things are pre-programmed at birth. Who taught the first bird to fly? Who taught the first human to hunt for food and eat? Who told the sun and moon to continually revolve around the earth? Humans try to explain how these phenomena work, before they understand why these things are. Humans must understand that we are not the first and only critically thinking entities, that we are just scratching the surface of understanding our existence.

In the next 20 years or less, which I’m predicting, The God(s) that the world knows will no longer be in power! A rejection of these old ways are coming. The people will no longer praise a god that they can’t see or just give their resources to a god for things that they hope for in vain. It will soon be truly foolish not to recognize a greater force at hand, that has formed humans. It is already happening more and more people feel spiritual than, committed to a God, which they have to worship.

I call the people of the world to hear a new understanding. A new understanding of God, where your money is not needed to please a all powerful God, where prayers and thankfulness is no longer needed, where a human can understand oneself and approach life with a logical way of living. I will not lie and say this understanding has none of the pass wisdoms understandings, for without the past we will not be. But this understanding takes from all knowledge of life on earth and the universe that its aware of, and forms ideas and new understanding that brings us closer to our Former. This understanding has no limits and is subject to change, when proven truths contrast it’s logical assumptions. My path is to lead people into enlightenment and remove the blind fold of natural ignorance, which I myself has overcome mostly. Reach out to me on Facebook Groups and join Religion For The World, so I can reach out to you. Without me communicating with you, how can you grow in this new intriguing understanding without the one who leads it? Fear Not.

What time is it again?

This thing we know as Time has no beginning and has always been. We as humans label this thing as “Time”, but that does not mean that is what it is. What we must understand is we are just learning about it, and it has existed before our existence! There are three main notions that the western world and other parts of the world understand Time as, which is the past, present, and future. These instances are what holds us together as a society, for without the past we couldn’t remember, for without the future there would be nothing to look forward too, and without the present we wouldn’t be! This creating force we know as god is also time! No beginning and no ending. Let’s say the world ends, that doesn’t mean Time will end, the universes will persist. Even before this so called “Big Bang” theory, Time had already been, for Time is what we are manifested and sustained with-in.


A man is walking and comes to a cross road. He knows his path though, but there are many other paths. He has “choices” now, but he did not create this choice, but came upon it. The moral of the story is that we humans are not mice in a maze, randomly choosing different paths in a never ending cycle. Our paths are set and there is no choice and/or chance of us not completing our course, which is called life. Unlike not being sure if the mouse is going to complete the maze. We must understand that we didn’t choose this thing called life, it called us to be, and we are learning about it and do not control it.

The Real God Part 2

This creating force, formed us from itself. We are part of the physical and metaphysical, as the saying goes, a whole is a sum of all it’s parts. In life or death we are still apart of this force, this community call the universe. If we look at our actually size compared to the vastness of the universe, we are dust mites. This force has not only formed the human race and it’s environment, it’s laws also govern it. As a race we are learning and labeling things that has existed before our being, these finding are not ours, but are fellow characteristics of this creating/forming force some call God. Our entire existence, accomplishments, down fall, joy, pain, and etc should be attributed to this force. This force needs not our money, thanks, and/or supplications, however recognition is key in our mental and emotional evolution. You did not create mother nature, and you do not control life, meaning you are not responsible for the “choice(s)” you make. Humanity must not continue to focus on itself, but the whole of existence. However, whatever this force will bring to be!