Do you know when you set your mind and heart on things of the world like your goals for family, wealth, and college education. That you are setting up forms of idols to worship with your heart? You are living and serving your flesh. However when you focus your mind on the God of Abraham you are searching for the true meaning of your life. God does not hope for you to be slaves of things you see with your eyes or make with your hands. For all things that you look to save other than your soul by God, is idol worship…
God is spirit and should be worshipped by your feelings and thoughts. Your words should be focused on the Most High. Call God your creator, say to yourself I seek thee who has created me from the beginning and the source of all life. Let the creator know that you seek to know thy creator to live in that creators way, but one must truly understand that the flesh is death. The flesh is wicked and cares not for things that do not concern it. Yes you must live in the flesh, but live no longer for the flesh. However live to seek and know God. Only then you shall see the two worlds, and see that this world does not please the living God. That the works of your mind in search of God pleases God. Do not your mind set on the works of the flesh, searching for food, clothes, housing, working-out, entertainment. These things profit your mind and heart nothing but grief and worry, and once you die those will mean nothing to you. Focus your mind on your creator, which will cause your mind and heart to live in peace in this life and the next.

Thus, says the spirit of the living God who reigns in the deepest part of your minds and hearts. This is why the scriptures say no man can hide from God.

Be no longer fooled by the flesh, for it is a stumbling block for the those who live for it.


Do you want some?

It seems that humanity shares just about everything we have down to our organs. Humanity knowingly and unknowingly shares ourselves and belongings throughout our entire existence. It’s very convenient for us to think that we choose what we share, but the truth is that the governing force/nature of the universe forces us to share. Some even have to share their spouses or romantic partners willingly and unwillingly, mostly unwillingly. Once we evolve in our understanding that we are sharers and that sharing is not the nice thing to do, but what we must do, then humanity will become a more peaceful and coherent society. Remember you share the air your breathing right now with every living creature on this planet!

The Course of Life

Our destiny is set once we leave our fathers reproductive organ, and that destiny is death. Though death is our end, that does not mean we should fear it or live to morn over it. However we should embrace it, because we have no choice to deny death, nor could we have deny birth into this life. With that being said, understand our lives are not based on our choice, but for the purpose which we were created. Now go out and figure out your purpose outside of death. Have comfort in knowing you are living your purpose already!


Formism was started by a former Christian. After years of studying Christianity and other religions, also including science. He realized for us, humanity, to completely understand “life” we must include every aspect of it that we know, and logically assume the rest. For example, if you know something can go up, then you can logically assume that it can also go down.

I have combined what I have found to be truth in other religions, including science, and formed a new religion. Formism is a organism that evolves and does not stay stagnant. New findings and knowledge, will be welcomed only with proof and understanding according to western standards. To become a Formist one must, first, understand that there is a Entity, Former, that has existed before humanity, and has been forming things from itself before earth was even formed. Second, one must understand that one does not control life and isn’t in-control of ones choices, however, thy will be accounted for for thy actions. Cause and effect. Third, one must understand that you are a part of one whole community that works together, there is no good or evil, just fact or fiction, which can cause one to be pleased or displeased. Only through my confirmation can one become a Formist. There is no heaven or hell in Formism, when you die your flesh is still part of the physical world, funeral! And you will see, if theres more when you die, however I will hint, that there are dimension unknown to masses. This life style offers a more stress free life and the freedom to be yourself, without endangering oneself or others. To realize that your not to blame for all the pain in your life and in the world. That this pain is just apart of life and we do get pleasure as well. We didn’t create ourselves, so we are not to blame for our actions in the grand scheme of things. There is no HELL for us. This is our existence and we need to learn as much as we can of our existence. We are just another creation among many in our vast existence. This understanding/religion is called Formism.